Once the strategic decision has been made to access a Public Market Listing, management teams need to pay close attention to both the core business to maximize opportunity but also to the corporate affairs and capital markets.


Baron has a dedicated team of experienced corporate finance professionals and can offer advice the areas of Corporate Financial Management as well as Capital Markets Advisory, ensuring that shareholder value is maximized.


Services include:

Corporate Finance

  • Assisting in and advising in corporate finance-related matters, such as due diligence, transaction structuring, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, IPO’s and reverse takeovers

  • Advising of corporate governance principles and policies

  • Advising of regulatory compliance issues

  • Advising of continuous disclosure, financial reporting requirements and corporate secretarial functions

  • Preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements and MD&A

  • Liaison and coordination with the company’s legal counsel and auditor


Capital Markets

  • Large network of institutional investors

  • Highly qualified and experienced executive management for public companies

  • Business planning and research

  • Market intelligence and competitive analysis

  • Network of highly effective consulting investor relations firms

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