Business Consultation

Our customers for whom we provide business consulting services are mainly individuals and/or entities. In our business consulting services, we offer one-stop-shop approach. We are committed to creating values for our customers through providing a wide range of tailored advisory services as well as cross-border administrative management consulting services to satisfy their various needs throughout their business life-cycle, including pre-IPO preliminary advice, corporate re-structuring and bespoke direct investment opportunities.

Business consulting

As a business consultant, we help to, among others,

  1. Identify and facilitate potential business development and mergers and acquisition opportunities;

  2. Devise a proper business and organisational structure for our customers to pursue opportunities;

  3. Introduce potential business cooperation and collaboration for the purpose of business development;

  4. Advise the terms and conditions of the target opportunities;

  5. Introduce potential joint venture partners, suppliers, and market players in pursuance of business development opportunities; and assist and advise in the negotiation with the potential partners.

we assist customers in improving and transforming business performance through strategic and operational re-engineering.

In addition, we assist customers in improving and transforming business performance through strategic and operational re-engineering. We help develop strategies relating to, for example, finance transformation, cost optimisation and business integration.

Improving business performance

We also help customers to improve operation of their business performance through a range of services such as margin enhancement, finance functions and process improvement, postmerger integration, cost optimisation and performance measurement.

We believe business performance transformation can help our customer improve their operating margins by focusing on both cost management and process efficiency and also assist customers to make informed decisions such as outsourcing, shared services and joint venture possibilities. As better operating practices are incorporated across the enterprise, this can help provide greater confidence to external investors, business partners and the markets. Moreover, we help customers navigate administrative functions such as tax, regulatory, accounting, and risk management issues that can arise in their business operations.

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